Awful Noise

Awful Noise
Genre: Grindcore / Deathgrind / Powerviolence
Band Members: Lindon Faynes - Lead Vocals Chris Perkins - Guitars ??? - Bass/Vocals Pete Robertson - Drums
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Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland
Record Label: Unsigned/Indépendant
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Influences: Pig Destroyer | Napalm Death | Insect Warfare | Brutal Truth | Abaddon Incarnate | Rotten Sound | Needful Things | Dying Fetus | Converge | Nasum | Righteous Pigs | Damaged | Discharge | Mumakil | Blood | The Red Chord | Lock Up
About: Unrelenting and callous Death/Grind from Brisbane. 
Bio: Formed in mid 2016, Awful Noise come to bring grinding cacophony to the eardrums of the unsuspecting. 

Blasting drums, ravenous guitar riffage, pulsating bass lines & a hail of aggressive vocal diversity, AN are set to decimate venues all over Australia and beyond.