Genre: Acoustic, Punk Rock, Folk
Band Members: Everything you hear is me and only me.
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Hometown: Sydney
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Web Site: None
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Influences: Sublime, The Smith Street Band, The Hard Aches, Slowly Slowly
About: Acoustic Punk Rock from the heart
Bio: Firstly, I'm not a singer, I have never claimed to be so I've been so nervous to even release something, especially when it's such personal songs. 

Growing up is hard and scary as hell. Before you know it, you're almost thirty and life has happened. I love my life my daughter and my wife, but sometimes you need to reflect to truly appreciate what is to come.

I hope someone listens and it helps in anyway, even if it makes you feel better about yourself hearing how shit I am....  long as it makes you feel good I'm happy with that.

This is also a great outlet for my own mental health. I tend to get caught up in things easily, and I have a hard time expressing myself in anyway... just ask my wife. So music helps.

That's enough of that. Have a beer, and enjoy.