Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric
About: Riff laden rock from Northern New South Wales, Australia


Bio: Heavy Rock, Stoner Rock, Stoner Prog Rock & Metal Stoner Rock are all tags associated with Northern NSW outfit FLY AGARIC - it's up to you to make up your own mind. Drawing on influences from their idols, (Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Kyuss, Soundgarden, QOTSA, Mastodon) FLY AGARIC make a habit of combining riff laden guitars, searing leads & harmony vocals cemented in place by an unrelenting barrage of bass & drums.

Formed in Lismore in 2013, FLY AGARIC have gained steady momentum on the local circuit as well as festival appearances at 'Rise of the Riff,' 'When Hell Freezes Over,' & 'Fuzz Fest'
With the recent release of their debut album 'Amanita Muscaria' in 2017 & a host of upcoming shows, 2018 is destined to be a standout year for the band.

The ball's rolling for FLY AGARIC, make sure you're on it.