Snapchat Regret

Snapchat Regret
Genre: Punk Rock/Pop Punk
Band Members: JD Latter - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar Mitch Matos - Lead Guitar/Vocals Peter Georgiou - Slappa Da Bass Micah Hook - General Dickhead/Drums
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Hometown: Darwin, Northern Territory
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Web Site: None
Artists We Like: Tapestry , The World's Fear , Clockwork Riot
Band Interests: Playing rad pop punk tunes need we say more :D
Influences: The Offspring , Sum 41 , Blink 182 , Green Day and Good Charlotte anything off a Tony Hawk's Underground playlist!!!
About: Risen from the ashes of some other failed projects, Snapchat Regret is the upbeat, high energy, no-f**ks-given Punk Rock band that Darwin deserves. 
Bio: Snapchat Regret were an idea born out of good intentions and bad decisions. This unlikely group of misfits, with their loud noises and punk-rock attitudes, have hit the ears and the hearts of the Darwin music scene hard and fast since their conception late last year.

The band came to be in 2016 when lead guitarist Mitch Matos and bass player Peter Georgiou, (having both played together formerly in “My Agenda”) wanted a project of their very own. They enlisted the help of older friend and local vocal bloke Joshie D. After a quick meeting over a pint of beer then a couple of jamming/writing sessions, it was very evident that the chemistry was there. With the boys shared passion for punk rock and Joshie's willingness to "try anything at least once,” it was clear from the get-go that this project had the potential to be more than just a bit of fun. 

The boys were soon joined by percussion virtuoso Juan David (JD) Rodriguez Sandoval from local hardcore success, “We Burn Bridges.” With his diverse influential background and the  adaptability of a box of Lego, (the possibilities are endless) he quickly became the backbone of the band. Together, their energetic mix of old school punk rock & new age flair (along with JD's one of a kind rhythms), have given a whole new flavour to the much loved sound. 

Following a small amount of success toward the end of 2016, the lads have made it their goal to climb to the top of the Darwin Live Music Scene. With their first single to be released early this year and their Debut EP "Pants Down" later on in the year, 2017 is set to be a big one." 

"The way I see it," remarks Joshie, "Is that we are a bunch of young blokes that just really love what we do. This band is a good platform to express our creativity, touch on political and societal imperfections and sink a few tinnies while we are at it!" "Exactly," Mitch agrees, "Although we haven’t been together for very long, its always a great feeling when people know who we are or sing along to our original music! It seems to be leaving a lasting impression on fans and that is why we do what we do."