Aussie Farken Metal - Dead Kelly review

Written by: Ed Howson
Published: 28 Aug 2016 - 11:54 PM


Sunshine Coast band Dead Kelly might just be the best thing since Vegemite.

Aussie Farken Metal - Dead Kelly review

It’s not very often that good old-fashioned Aussie humour gets mixed with good music, and the song that always comes to mind is ‘Nobody Likes A Bogan’ by Aussie Ska band Area 7. There is another band who have taken the term ‘bogan rock’ to a whole new level - Sunshine Coast band Dead Kelly might just be the best thing since Vegemite. 

The first thing you’ll notice when looking up this band is that they dress in footy shorts, blue wife-beaters and black balaclavas, and this is to give their band a collective identity while also covering their own personal identities. Vocalist ‘Pine Cone Throat’ had been playing in bands of varying styles on the Sunshine coast for years, and wanted to try a social experiment. He would recruit musicians from bands from all over to create a fake band (in much the same vein as Dethklok) who would write songs about all things ‘Straya’ and give it all away online for free. Here’s the catch - they have never performed live. Pine Cone wanted to see how big they could get by only having an internet presence, and not a physical one in the ‘scene’. The outcome? Well, the music video for the song ‘The Legend Of Borry Part 1’, off the EP ‘Bushfire’ (2015) has achieved 94k views in little over a month, and their Facebook page is sitting at around the 10k ‘likes’ mark. Pretty good for a band that has only really become prominent in the last year or so. 

Dead Kelly first appeared in 2008 with a music video for the song ‘Such Is Life’, which was played in a tin shed shrouded in Australian Flags and pissed mates. Through the early years, they definitely showed a patriotic side, with songs such as ‘Cross Of Valour’, ‘Two Up’, ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Diggers’ all paying tribute to Australian servicemen and women. The band released a fair few songs, and a shitload of stupid funny videos, but nothing really substantial until the 2014 album ‘Sons Of The Southern Cross’. 

A personal favourite off this album is ‘4561’, a song about having pride for where you come from... even if that place is Yandina. As the band puts it “the land of a giant cow, a ginger bread man and girls who say cunt a lot”. The song ’New World Slaughter’; is a fuck the world anthem that will have you punch-dancing out your rage, topped off with a solo from guitarist ‘Stanley Knife’ that will make you headband so hard that cerebral spinal fluid comes gushing out of your ears. 

It’s a little strange that the band released an EP after releasing a full-length album, but honestly, who fucking cares, right? ‘Bushfire’ released last year, and is probably the work they have become most famous for. Not one song will let you down, and they all have lyrics that will make you proud to be Australian, feel bogan as fuck, want to punch a cunt, get pissed, root a sheila and mosh your tits off. My personal favourites are ‘Keno’, ‘Sarah’s Last Bushdance’, and ‘The Legend Of Borry Part 1’. ‘Keno’ is particularly hilarious for lyrics such as, “There has to be more to life than high viz and hard hats, pre starts and peanut butter sandwiches”, and “Keno! Go fuck yourself”, mixed together with a guitar lick that mimics the games polyphonic sound and a break down that calls out winning numbers, it’s good fun for the whole family.

It seems everywhere I go lately people are talking about “that Aussie band that made a song about the sickest cunt ever, with a massive cock you can put a shoe on and a backpack and send it to school, who went to Airlie, bashed a cunt with a bumbag and fucked a backpacker.” 

For a group of guys that aren’t even officially a band, it just goes to show that if you have fun with what you are doing, and are different from everyone else, you’ll go places. This band makes me happier than a slut at a firefighter convention, because they aren’t making the same bullshit love songs wrapped in daddy issues as everyone else. 

Their new single ‘Push Forward Fucken Engage’ released this year, as well as rumours of a new album with upwards of 20 songs on it!

My advice: Do yourself a favour, and download all of their shit. It’s free. Watch the video below to have your mind blown by Borry’s shotgun, Gemima.