Written by: Jay Fullwood
Published: 07 Oct 2016 - 12:25 AM


Orsome Welles' new track 'Build a World' satisfies the senses.


Prog rock beasts Orsome Welles love to tell a story with their art, and their new track 'Build a World' is no different.

With the accompanying music video seemingly peering into the mind of a deep thinking dictator, hell bent on building the perfect band for world domination, the vision marries with the track triumphantly, all the while keeping you entertained and intrigued.

From the very beginning, this track emits a distinctive aura. The first taste consists of a foggy & muffled guitar sound that emerges slowly through to clarity, revealing an attention grabbing bouncing riff that instantly hooks it's tentacles into your ear drums.

Half-way through 'Build a World', the main guitar and drum components of the song subside, allowing James Vihtelic's deeply resonating bass sound to surface. This immediately assists in carrying the subsequent verse and it's easily evoked core emotion of anticipation seamlessly.

Steadily, each sound is injected back into the piece, starting with one of Justin Price's exact and
rapid snare rolls, leading into a slowly escalating strummed guitar lick that eventually plateaus.
It's in this moment that the chunky guitar work (which I love from this band) seizes your
attention and tends to chaperone the growing mood of the track straight to the soul.
Before too long, you're hooked, and it's destination crescendo.

The vocal lines and nuances of Michael Stowers' classic rock (yet still uniquely modern and fresh) voice stylings are simply brilliant and attach perfectly to the evolving and penetrating guitar
tonality of Nick Toohey & Steven Angell.

Adding to what is an impeccable finish, the vocals shine brightly, incorporating a very subtle
but well placed backing line. This track retains a remarkable feel & energy, something that is
common in Orsome Welles' songs, 'Build a World' is a must have in your iTunes collection!

You can watch the music video for Orsome Welles - Build a World below: