Written by: Ed Howson
Published: 03 Jan 2018 - 04:53 AM


August Burns Red hits the nail on the head.


For those of you who are avid August Burns Red fans, this won’t be groundbreaking news for you, but their new album has been upon us for nearly two months.

In an age where most good bands are releasing albums that are getting increasingly worse, it is a breath of fresh air when something good hits the airways... and by Christ almighty, ABR have done it. For the last 5 albums, they have continued to perfect the art, and each time they amaze us with their innovative take on metalcore. 

On Leveler, there was a distinct flamenco vibe, especially in ‘Internal Canon’. Found In Far Away Places brought in some bluesy, country and western tones. Phantom Anthem, moving forward with the trend has a definite oriental feel to it. No, unfortunately, it does not contain songs about shark fin soup and bombing Singapore, but it does have an oriental vibe. 

It would be wrong to say that the album has only one undertone to it, with many other musical genres being pushed into it, like a rice pressure cooker of delicious sounds. ABR have long been known for their use of somewhat obscure scales, from varying international influences, which sets them apart from every other band in the genre. They’re not just creating songs that make you want to headbang, but their added flair shows that they are stupidly talented musicians. Anyone can write a metal song, but not everyone can stitch it together quite as beautifully as ABR.

Top tracks to listen to would be ‘Coordinates’, ‘Generations’ and ‘Carbon Copy’.