Written by: Jay Fullwood
Published: 05 Sep 2016 - 12:12 AM


A look at Melbourne's Phoenix Day & their powerful new single 'Stronger'.


If you haven't been introduced to Phoenix Day as yet, please allow me to do the honours.

With the release of their debut EP 'We Are All The Same' in 2015, Phoenix Day announced intentions to put their own stamp on alternative rock and the Melbourne music scene.

Driven by the three-pronged brotherly attack of Christian, Markus and Julian Meyer, Phoenix Day have recently delivered a remarkable single entitled 'Stronger' that you simply must hear.

The captivating vocal performance of David Cousins injects the precise amount of spirit that the track yearns for, perfectly capturing the essence of the instrumental accompaniment, and with just the right amount of Luke Sciberras' guitar prowess shining through, this track is an absolute winner. Phoenix Day display a fine balance of melodic finesse in each verse topped off with a killer chorus comprising an undeniably contagious burst of power. 'Stronger' seeks out then demands your attention, the unmistakable sign of a memorable tune.

This fresh single carries with it the momentum that will see the band push to become noticed as one of the best up and coming rock acts in Melbourne in the near future.

Check out the music video for 'Stronger' below.