Band Name Genre
Adam Jones Music Alternative Country Rock
Ak47 Hard Rock, Heavy Metal & Classical
Alera Melodic Hardcore
Aura Animi Metalcore, Djent, Ambient, Progressive
Awful Noise Grindcore / Deathgrind / Powerviolence
Back To The Eighties Rock, Glam, Pop
Be Faced Metal
Bellov Acoustic, Punk Rock, Folk
Blue Dog Cruiser Classic Rock - Blues Rock - Hard Rock
Breakwall Hard Rock / Indie-Grunge
Carbon Black Metal
Claim The Throne Melodic Death / Folk Metal
Crimson Flame Hard Rock
Darker Half Metal
Death In Bloom Metalcore
Destroy All Lines
Drowning Atlantis Progressive Metalcore
Faceless Felons Metal
Final Form Technical Deathcore
Fly Agaric Heavy Rock
Forbidden Road Country Rock, Rock n Roll , Rock and Blues.
Four Band Rock
From Crisis To Collapse Extreme Metal
Hot Damn!
Kb Theory Indie pop/rock
Kold Creature Melodic/Groove Metal!!!
Last Night
Lord Metal/Rock
Low-Key Affair Pop Punk
Madam Wong Pop Punk, Punk, Indie Punk, Punk Rock
Maps To Eden Punk / Rock
Midnight Insomnia Rock, Grunge, Alt, Post Grungecore
Mortar Hardcore/Slam/Beatdown/Deathcore/whateverthefuckyouwannacallus
New Boon Alt Punk
Nowhere Else Rock/Alternative/Progcore
Once Were Lost Pop Punk
Our Anchored Hearts Metalcore
Path Of Victory Hardcore / Metalcore
Paul B.Clement
Pulpitation Music Promotions
Regular Gonzales Rock/Metal/Sludge
Sensaii Alternative
Skies Collide Heavy Pop Rock
Sky Eater Reggae, Soul, Indie-Pop
Snapchat Regret Punk Rock/Pop Punk
Still Twisted ROCK TRIBUTE
Stray Dog Saviours Hard/Blues Rock
The Cut Snakes Country Music
The Meantime Rock
The Sign Of Four Chaotic Death
The Watchers Rock/Blues
The Way We Were Punk Rock
This Time Only Punk Rock
Tokyo Twilight Electronic
Upper Hunter & Surrounding Areas Local Bands
Vault Of Valor Metalcore
Whitefall Alternative Metalcore
Whyte Wydow Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock
Wildheart Melodic Hardcore
Wolf Roth Vantage Alternative metal
Words Of Elizabeth Post Hardcore